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AFT ArrowCompressible flow analysis
AFT ChempakFluid Properties Database
AFT FathomIncompressible flow analysis
AFT ImpulseWaterhammer/Surge analysis software
AFT Mercury (now AFT Fathom ANS Module)Piping System Optimization for Incompressible Flow
AFT SteamCalcSteam and Water Physical Properties
CHEMCAD Process Flowsheet Simulator
CHEMCAD-BatchBatch Distillation Simulation
CHEMCAD-DynamicsBatch Reactors and other Time Dependent Processes
CHEMCAD-FlashThermodynamic Properties Calculator
CHEMCAD-ThermThermal Heat Exchanger Simulation
PackcolPacked Column Hydraulic Calculations
BREEZE AERMODModeling of Continuous Air Pollution Emissions
BREEZE INCIDENT ANALYSTAccidental toxic and flammable chemical release modelling software
Project Risk AnalysisContingency Analysis
InstrucalcInstrument Engineering Calculations
CAESAR IIPipe Stress Analysis
CerebroMixNon-Pressurised Tank and Mixer Design
Combined3DGeneral Spread & Combined Footing Design Software
DSAnchorSoftware Solution for anchoring equipment or structures to concrete
FE/PipeFinite Element Analysis for Piping / Vessels
FE107Stress Analysis of Nozzle Connections
FEATools for CAESAR IIAutomated FEA Analysis of CAESAR Intersections
FESIFSIF and Flexibility Factor Calculations
Foundation3DPetrochemical Equipment Foundation Design
Mat3DComplete Foundation Design
MECASTACKStack Design Software
Nozzle ProFinite Element Analysis of Nozzles, Saddles, Pipe Shoes and Clips
PVElitePressure Vessel Design and Rating
Shaft3DShaft Foundation Design Software
TANKAPI 650/653 Oil Storage Tank Design and Analysis
Visual Vessel DesignPressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger Design/Rating
BricsCAD2D/3D CAD Drafting Platform
CADWorx Design ReviewRealtime 3D Walkthrough
CADWorx E&IElectrical & Instrumentation Drafting
CADWorx P&IDPiping and Instrumentation Drawings
CADWorx Plant Prof3D Plant Design
CADWorx StructureStructural Steel Modelling
DotProduct 3DHandheld Scanner Kit DPI-8
OrthoGen for CADWorxAutomated Orthographic drawings from CADWorx

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