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CC-THERM - Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers

CC-THERM is available as a Standalone Application or as an add-on to ChemCAD Steady State.

A heat exchanger in CHEMCAD is calculated thermally obtaining important parameters CC-THERM is then used to design this heat exchanger wherein the heat transfer coefficient and the heat transfer area are calculated. Based on the heat exchanger construction data a comparison is then done with the CHEMCAD calculation.. It is possible to optimise the heat exchanger heat transfer area automatically by forcing design parameters such as tube length, tube passes, tube layout, shell diameter and baffle design and spacing.

The results can be combined with the CHEMCAD flowsheet thus allowing an automatic calculation of the heat transfer coefficient with each CHEMCAD simulation.

CC-THERM shell and tube heat exchanger applications include vertical and horizontal condensation, evaporation and column thermo siphons. Plate and double pipe heat exchangers as well as air coolers are also available but without phase change.

The user does not need to enter physical properties. A comprehensive data table in Microsoft EXCEL® with TEMA report sheet is available.


Typical Applications of CC-THERM
→ shell and tube, double pipe and plate heat exchangers
→ air cooler
→ calculation of the overall heat transfer coefficient (k or U) and the area

Advantages of CC-THERM
→ vertical or horizontal condensation and evaporation (in case of shell and tube heat exchanger)
→ choice of construction
→ optimisation according to minimised area
→ vibration analysis of pipes
→ transfer of k or U -value and area to CHEMCAD
→ heat curve compatible with other heat exchanger programmes
→ TEMA sheet

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