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AFT ARROW  Compressible flow analysis   
AFT FATHOM  Incompressible flow analysis    
AFT IMPULSE  Waterhammer/Surge analysis software   
AFT MERCURY  Piping System Optimization for Incompressible Flow   
AFT STEAMCALC  Steam and Water Physical Properties   
AFT TITAN  Intelligent Sizing for Compressible Flow Piping Systems   
CHEM3D  Chem3D brings workstation quality molecular surface graphics and intense calculation methods to your desktop computer.    
CHEMDRAW  ChemDraw, the world's most popular chemical drawing package.   
CHEMICAL ENGINEER'S EBOOKS  Electronic books for the Chemical Engineer   
CHEMOFFICE  Chemistry Drawing, Publishing, Modelling and Information   
E-NOTEBOOK  The ultimate chemistry notebook suite    
ENVIRO PRO DESIGNER�  Design of Waste Treatment systems   
MERCK INDEX  Chemical Encyclopaedia   
PACKCOL  Packed Column Hydraulic Calculations   
PSYCHROMETRIC ANALYSIS  Psychrometric Calculations and Analysis   
QUICK HYDRAULICS  Flowsheet Simulator and Pressure Drops   
WASP  Electronic Steam Tables   

@RISK  Risk Analysis and Simulation   
AERMOD/ISC GIS PRO  BREEZE AERMOD and ISC Air Dispersion Modeling System   
BREEZE HAZ  Accidental toxic and flammable chemical release modelling software.   
CCOHS  Hazardous Materials Databases on CD-ROM   
CHEMGUIDE  Chemical Resistance Guide   
DECISION TOOLS  Risk Analysis and Simulation   
PHAWORKS  Process Hazard Analysis   
PROJECT RISK ANALYSIS  Contingency Analysis   

INSTRUCALC  Instrument Engineering Calculations   

ESTPRO  Conceptual Cost Estimating   

AXIPRO  Finite Element Analysis of Flanges   
BOS FLUIDS  Steady State and Transient Fluid Simulator   
CAESAR II  Pipe Stress Analysis   
CALDSOFT  Sheet Metal Unfolding Software   
CEREBRO MIX LIGHT  Non-Pressurised Tank and Mixer Design   
CODECALC  Vessel, Heat Exchanger & Piping Component Analysis   
COMBINED3D  General Spread & Combined Footing Design Software   
COMBUSTION EXPERT  Combustion Calculations for Furnaces or Fired Heaters   
DIMY  Pressure Vessel Design Software to AD-Merkbl�tter Code   
DSANCHOR  Software Solution for anchoring equipment or structures to concrete   
ENGINEERS TOOLBOX  Process Engineering Toolbox   
FE/PIPE  Finite Element Analysis for Piping / Vessels   
FE107  Stress Analysis of Nozzle Connections   
FESIF  SIF and Flexibility Factor Calculations   
FOUNDATION3D  Petrochemical Equipment Foundation Design    
MAT/PRO  Mechanical Property Materials Database   
MAT3D  Complete Foundation Design    
MECHANICAL ENGINEER'S EBOOKS  Electronic books for the Mechanical Engineer   
NOZZLE PRO  Finite Element Analysis for Nozzles   
PROKON  Structural Analysis and Design   
PVELITE  Pressure Vessel Design and Rating (ASME/BS)   
SHAFT3D  Shaft Foundation Design Software   
STACKDES  Stack Design Software   
TANK  API 650/653 Oil Storage Tank Design and Analysis   
WINHEAT  Fired Heater Rating and Design   

HSC CHEMISTRY  Chemical Reaction and Equilibrium Thermodynamics   

CADWORX DESIGN REVIEW  3D Walkthrough and Design Review   
CADWORX FIELDPIPE FOR LEICA FIELDPRO  3D Walkthrough and Design Review   
CADWORX PLANT  Plant Design Automation   
CADWORX STEEL  Steel Structural Modelling   
CADWORX/P&ID  Piping and Instrumentation Drawings   
PV FABRICATOR  Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger Fabrication Drawings   

EBOOKS, CODES AND STANDARDS  Electronic Books, Codes and Standards on CDROM