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Decision Tools Suite - Risk Analysis and Simulation

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP and Excel

There are many risk and decision analysis tools on the market today. But most of them focus on one specific analytical technique, like simulation or decision trees. And most of them are tailored to a specific industry need, such as insurance claims modeling or oil prospecting. Furthermore, these tools can run tens of thousands, even millions of dollars. What you need is an integrated set of tools that combine the best analytical methods, can be applied to different problems, and that is reasonably priced. Look no further than the DecisionTools Suite!

DecisionTools That Work Together
The DecisionTools Suite is an integrated set of five products designed to work together to provide combined analyses and maximum functionality - optimum decision analysis in one package! The DecisionTools Suite brings together five products: @RISK, PrecisionTree, TopRank, BestFit, and RISKview. Installation is fast and easy, using a single CD-ROM. The programs themselves have been designed to work together in an integrated environment, running from a common toolbar in Microsoft Excel

With the DecisionTools Suite, you can perform advanced analyses you could not perform with any single product. Create a decision tree in PrecisionTree, then use @RISK to run a Risk Analysis on it. Take data stored in another workbook, use BestFit to find the distribution that fits that data, and use the distribution with @RISK.

The DecisionTools Suite includes the following products:

The Risk Analysis and Simulation add-in for Excel. @RISK adds the power of Monte Carlo simulation to any spreadsheet model. Replace uncertain values in your spreadsheet with @RISK functions which represent a range of possible values. Select one or more bottom-line cells as outputs, and start a simulation. @RISK recalculates your spreadsheet hundreds or even thousands of times, each time selecting random values from the @RISK functions you've entered. The result: a distribution of possible outcomes and the probability of getting those results. This not only tells you what could happen in a given situation, but how likely it is that it will happen. Results can be displayed as high-resolution graphs and in a full statistical report. Advanced features include Sensitivity and Scenario Analyses, overlay graphs, and multiple summary graphs. The DecisionTools Suite comes with @RISK 4.5 Professional, which integrates RISKview 4.5 for distribution viewing, and BestFit 4.5 for distribution fitting (see below). And @RISK 4.5 runs up to ten times faster than previous versions, and includes an intuitive Microsoft Office-style interface.

PrecisionTree (Standard or Professional)
The Decision Analysis add-in for Excel. Create influence diagrams and decision trees right in your existing spreadsheets! Use influence diagrams to see the relationships between components of a problem, then decision trees to model the sequence of events. Results include a full statistical report and risk profile graphs. Sensitivity Analysis tells you which factors in your decision are most important. Advanced features include linked trees, logic nodes, and reference nodes. PrecisionTree Pro adds policy suggestion graphs and strategy region graphs!

TopRank (Standard or Professional)
The What-if Analysis add-in for Excel. Take any spreadsheet and TopRank automatically determines which cells affect results the most and ranks them in order of importance. Results can be displayed as Tornado graphs and in a full statistical report. Advanced features include a What-if Wizard, Multi-Way What-if Analysis, and support for data tables. TopRank Pro features unlimited Multi-Way What-if Analysis.

The distribution fitting solution for Windows. BestFit takes data (now up to 100,000 points or pairs with BestFit 4.5) and finds the distribution function that best fits that data. BestFit accepts three types of data: sample, density, and cumulative. BestFit tests up to 26 distribution types using advanced optimization algorithms. Results are displayed graphically and through a statistical report which includes goodness-of-fit statistics. BestFit 4.5 offers complete control over fitting parameters, and offers new graphics and an Office-style interface. BestFit distributions can be used directly in @RISK, TopRank, or PrecisionTree models. The DecisionTools Suite includes BestFit fully integrated with @RISK 4.5, and also as a stand-alone application.

The distribution viewing companion program. It is a powerful tool for viewing, assessing, and creating probability distributions. Draw distribution functions with the Distribution Artist and place them in @RISK models as General distributions. RISKview also calculates the distribution that best fits your hand-drawn curve from 37 distribution types! Now RISKview 4.5 offers sharper graphics than ever before, sliding delimiters on graphs, and overlay graphs. The DecisionTools Suite includes RISKview integrated with @RISK 4.5, and also as a stand-alone application.

Standard and Professional Suite Versions Available
The DecisionTools Suite Standard comes with the standard versions of PrecisionTree and TopRank, along with @RISK Professional, BestFit, and RISKview. The Professional version includes the professional versions of PrecisionTree and TopRank for the most advanced decision analysis system available!

DecisionTools Suite Features
- Easy installation from one CD
- Common Excel toolbar to access all programs
- Designed to work together to provide integrated risk and decision analysis
- @RISK - Risk Analysis
- PrecisionTree - Decision Analysis
- TopRank - What-if Analysis
- BestFit - Distribution Fitting
- RISKview - Distribution Previewing
- Standard and Professional Version Available

Become a Decision Analysis Expert!
The DecisionTools Suite comes with a wide variety of resources to help you get started and overcome problems. Comprehensive tutorials walk you through the features of @RISK, PrecisionTree and TopRank and demonstrate how to set up and run models, step-by-step. The users manual for each application is written in straightforward, plain English and even provides background information on Risk Analysis, Decision Analysis and other techniques. All manuals are also available electronically in the on-line Help menus. @RISK 4.5 features a comprehensive, context-sensitive Help file to zero in your question. You can search on a particular topic, or simply ask a plain English question using the new "How Do I..." feature! Finally, example files are provided for all programs that can be used as templates for building your own model.


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@RISK for MS PROJECT with Gold Maintenance  995 

Should you like to download a demo of this software, it is available by clicking the link below.