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Combustion Expert - Combustion Calculations for Furnaces or Fired Heaters


The Right Software for Combustion Calculations

Basic Features:

- Calculation of process heat requirements
- Calculation of heat capacities and enthalpies
- Calculation of heat of combustion and stoichiometry for different fuels such as coal, coke, fuel oils and natural gas with editing capabilities
- Air preheat calculations
- Report print- outs
- Calculate stack gas losses and equilibrium composition
- Convert existing furnaces to all oxy-fuel system or oxygen enrichment
- Calculate heat transfer coefficients and wall losses from the furnace
- Calculate combustion chemistry with corrections for temperature, pressure and humidity
- Convert current system to a new system with increased production and efficiency
- Verify your manual or spreadsheet calculations

New Features:

- Calculation of process heat requirements utilizing a large database with 900+ elements and compounds
- Calculation of compressibility factors using the virial equation of state and mixing rules or the gross characterization method
- Air and fuel controllers with temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, gauge pressure and altitude corrections
- Find stack emissions of your own compounds. You may define up to five species of your own choice for equilibrium calculations.
- Normalized stack gas emissions for different Oxygen levels, and emission in lbs /ton product
- A larger database of insulation materials for calculations of heat losses, heat transfer coefficients, outside wall temperatures and furnace sting-outs
- A bonus program for calculation of enthalpies of mixtures is also included together with a physical property database.
- Create project files for storing the results from different calculations

The Software includes five databases of information:

- Calculate sting out losses, wall temperatures
- Convert existing furnace to all oxy-fuel system or oxygen enrichment operation
- Calculate combustion chemistry and emissions
- Achieve increased production and operation efficiency
- Radiative heat transfer inside furnace, estimation of heat up time for box shaped objects.

A 90 Page manual is included with the software.

If you have any further queries concerning this software, please drop us a note and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Combustion Expert  2950 

Should you like to download a demo of this software, it is available by clicking the link below.