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PSYCHROMETRIC ANALYSIS - Psychrometric Calculations and Analysis

This software produces exceptionally high quality psychrometric charts. The charts are drawn with unmatched accuracy. It allows for complete psychrometric and process analysis, all graphically displayed. It also provides a professional state point and process report detailing all of the psychrometric and process values. One can copy the output chart or calculation reports directly to the Windows clipboard so that it can be pasted right into proposals, presentations or spreadsheets.

Complete project information and note capabilities are available. Notes are individually controlled allowing for font, colour, border, background, etc to all be specific to each note. Complete drag-and-drop functionality as well as new-edit- delete note management.

Adjustable chart controls for altitude, grid lines spacing, process line colour and width, state point icon and size, state point label font selection and page setup. The chart can be produced in seven different languages. All charts, state-points and process data can be converted automatically between Imperial and SI units with the click of a button.

State-point process system analysis can be used for process modeling of air mixing, cooling coil, evaporative cooling, desiccant dehumidification, humidification and sensible heating & cooling processes. One can either specify process change data or end point condition, and let the software calculate the balance of the information.

Pop-up menus allow for easy control of the chart for moving state-point labels or managing chart notes. Mouse control options provide zoom and pan functionality within the chart.

The psychrometric chart software has three additional modules:
  • Climatic Outside Air Design data - contains data for over 1,000 cities throughout the world in both IP and SI units, based on the 2004 ASHRAE databook.
  • Psychrometric Calculator - used for calculation of thermodynamic air properties based on user defined inputs.
  • Fresh Air Estimator provides outdoor air requirement estimates referencing ASHRAE Standard 62-2004
New features in version 7:
  • Steam Property Calculator
  • Motor Heat Calculator
  • Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Integral Air Collection Calculator
  • Cooling Coil Leaving Air Calculator
  • Fan Law Calculator
  • Duct Sizing Calculator
  • Thermal Comfort Calculator
  • Wind Chill Factor Calculator
  • Fog Region Property Display
  • Weather Data Plotting and Global Weather files
  • Data Export/Import via CSV (Excel) or PDF (Acrobat)
  • Compatibility with Windows 7

If you have any further queries concerning this software, please drop us a note and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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PSY1_PSY1Psychrometric Analysis v7 ProfessionalSingle User Licence$ 199.00

Should you like to download a demo of this software, it is available by clicking the link below.

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