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NOZZLE PRO - Finite Element Analysis of Nozzles, Saddles, Pipe Shoes and Clips

NozzlePro is a unique and easy-to-use FEA tool for vessel and piping engineers. It is specifically designed to analyze nozzles in shells, heads and cones, as well as Saddle Supports, Lugs, and Pipe Shoes. Proper analysis of these components has historically been expensive and time-consuming. With NozzlePro, making a model takes mere seconds. They are built automatically from simple geometric inputs. Analysis takes just a few minutes, and the results are detailed and well presented. Users can choose between 3D brick elements (6 or 18 DOF) or axisymmetric heads and skirts. Axisymmetric models now include analysis for pressure, and steady state or transient heat transfer. Overturning moments due to wind or earthquake can also be defined as loads.

Using WRC107/297/368? These methods are commonly used to check local stresses and flexibilities of intersections, but they are only accurate for a limited range of applications. WRC 107 results are good through d/D ranges of 0.1 to 0.8, becoming highly over-conservative beyond this range. WRC 297 becomes overly conservative when the high stress moves into the branch, when t/T < 1. Pad-reinforcing is another problem for WRC 107 & 297. NozzlePro gives more accurate and reliable results .

NozzlePro can analyze Straight Nozzles, Pad-Reinforced or Barrel Nozzles, Hillside Nozzles, Size-for-Size and High d/D Ratio Nozzles, with optional reinforcing pads and nozzle inserts. Nozzles can be attached to Hemispherical Head, Elliptical Head, Dished Head, Flat Head, Cylinder, or Cones. It can analyze 10 different structural clips and lugs, with optional reinforcing and unstructured meshing. Tapered saddles can have up to 10 web plates, and Pipe shoes are also covered.

Nozzle locations default to component centers, but you can offset them, change their circumferential angle and the nozzle tilt angle. A variety of advanced control options are available for quick easy use, including weld specifications, nozzle inserts and fatigue cycles. Loading input includes forces & moments for up to 3 load cases, pressure, and thermal stresses caused by through-the-wall temperature differentials. Vessel and nozzle orientations are easily set. After analysis, output is automatically displayed in scaleable windows, including graphical results for each load case analyzed.
Output Reports Include:

- Highest Shakedown Stress Ratios, Secondary (non-peak) stresses & allowables
- Highest Fatigue Stress Ratios, Expansion/peak stresses & allowables
- Computed Stress Intensification Factors, SIF's for use in pipe stress programs
- Allowable Loads, Allowable operating, expansion and sustained loads
- Load Case Report, Detailed explanation of what load cases were analyzed
- ASME Overstressed Areas, Model areas that are overstressed are summarized
- Highest Primary Stress Ratios, ASME Sec.VIII Div. 2 primary stresses and allowables
- Flexibilities, Stiffnesses that can be used in a beam-element pipe stress program.

NozzlePro features the more accurate 18 DOF beam elements (that model ovalization/warping), which result in more accurate thermal loads, natural frequencies and mode shapes. NozzlePRO software also includes the latest ASME and B31.3 Material Databases (MatPRO), ASME NH Reporting(High temperature local stress evaluation reports) , Extended ASME VIII Div2 App 5 Fatigue curves, as well as API 579 Fitness for Service evaluations (for Level 2 and 3 calculations for nozzles that have local thin areas, crack-like flaws or general thinning. It also permits the inclusion of any amount of piping around the nozzle junction, as well as piping and/or support loads. There is an improved batch processor with import/export to EXCEL.

NozzlePro includes MatPRO, Fitness for Service, and NH Reporting modules

NozzlePro Maintenance includes access to FE107 and FESIF modules.

Mat/PRO - Mechanical Property Materials Database

Mat/PRO is a materials database containing allowable stresses, thermal properties, and other mechanical characteristics of materials from the ASME and B31.3 databases. It is part of the FE/Pipe and NozzlePRO software. Mat/PRO offers much more than these basic "code" properties. MatPRO also generates and compares fatigue curves from multiple codes including ASME, API, and European codes and it can generate fatigue curves as a function of temperature.

In addition, MatPRO offers expanded high temperature design capabilities. These include generating isochronous stress/strain curves, creep rupture stresses, plasochronous stress strain curves (a mixture of isochronous and plasticity) for nearly any materials. In addition, high temperature ratcheting reports in accordance with ASME Section III may be generated.
All the of the results may be viewed in either tabular mode or graphical mode. The graphical mode provides the ability to view nearly any material property as a function of temperature and compare multiple materials at once.

High Temperature Curves

Creep-Fatigue Interaction Using Output from CAESAR II or FE/Pipe

Allowable Stress Plots (ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1&2)
- Yield Stress
- Elastic Modulus
- Isynchronous and Plasochronous Stress/Strain Curves
- Creep Stress
- Creep Rupture
- Creep/Fatigue Interaction

NH Text Report Evaluations Include:
- Linear Elastic Tests (T-1320) A2 and A3
- Simplified Inelastic Tests (T-1330) B2 and B3, (with input data cell for computed inelastic strains)

If you have any further queries concerning this software, please drop us a note and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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