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Training Course: Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger Design Course using PVElite (3 CPD)
Dates: Enquire about Online Training
Location: ONLINE TRAINING - contact for information
General Scope:

The basic theoretical background to pressure vessel design and vessel component analysis is covered, including compliance with mechanical codes. Training makes use of PVElite, Codecalc and NozzlePro Software, as well as hand calculations. NB: All candidates to bring their own calculators. A discussion/question/answer format is also employed in order to maximize retention of course material and theoretical concepts. Some of the specific topics covered are outlined below.
All attendees will receive 3 CPD Points.

Basic Vessel Components & Analysis

Internal pressure on cylinders and heads
External pressure on cylinders and heads
Nozzle reinforcement and weld strength
Cones and Conical sections
Spherically dished covers

Additional Vessel Components & Analysis

Weld neck, slip-on, and ring flanges
Blind flanges and flat heads
Tubesheets, including the TEMA fixed tubesheet requirements
Flanged and flued and metal bellows expansion joints
Stresses in shells due to loads on attachments
Rectangular vessels

Design of Vertical/Horizontal Vessels & Vessel Supports

Wind and earthquake loads
Load combinations
Skirt and base ring design
Legs and support lugs
Saddle supports

NozzlePro and Fracture Mechanics

Basic nozzle calculations using NozzlePro
Interface between PVElite and NozzlePro
Fracture Mechanics Theory
Fracture Mechanics Applications in Vessel Design


Comparison of different vessel codes PD5500, ASME VIII (Div 1/2) , EN13445
Quality Control and the role of the Inspection Authority (guest speaker)
Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Process (guest speaker)

*curriculum subject to change without notice

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