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Training Course: Pipe Stress Analysis using CAESAR II - Statics Only (5 CPD)
Dates: Enquire about Online Training
Location: ONLINE TRAINING - contact for information
General Scope:

The basic theoretical background to pipe flexibility analysis is covered, including compliance with piping codes. The course addresses Static Analysis only. A separate 5-day course is available that addresses Advanced Statics and Dynamic Analysis. The presentation is based on hands-on solution of example problems in order to illustrate Pipe Stress Analysis using CAESAR software. No previous experience in the use of CAESAR is required, but some background in pipe stress analysis is desirable. A discussion/question/answer format is also employed in order to maximize retention of course material and theoretical concepts. Persons attending the training should expect to leave the course with a basic working knowledge of CAESAR II, and pipe flexibility analysis. Some of the specific topics covered are outlined below.
Chempute Software will provide training venue, computers, training dongles, printed training notes, teas, lunches, course certificate.

5 CPD points are awarded according to the ECSA Continuing Professional Development program

Course Outline :

* Basic Theory of Pipe Stress Analysis
* Piping Codes and compliance requirements
* CAESAR II – Setup, Configuration, Materials, Load Cases, Input/Output
* Piping components and assumptions
* Pipe supports (linear vs. non-linear)
* Spring Hanger design
* Stress Intensification Factors (elbows/intersections)
* Expansion Loops, and Expansion joints
* Cold Spring effects
* API 610 Analysis of Pumps and Nozzle Flexibility
* WRC 107/297 : local stresses in vessels/nozzles
* WRC 449

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