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Training Course: Vibration induced Fatigue in Piping Systems
Duration: 5 days
CPD Points: 5
Dates: 30 May - 3 June 2022
Location: ONLINE TRAINING Contact for details
Trainer: Dr Ahmed Dweib

Course Description

The course covers the assessment of vibration-induced fatigue of piping systems. This includes Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV) and Acoustic-Induced Vibration (AIV) as well as other types of vibration of piping systems. It provides a wide background about vibrational problems and practical solutions, the application of Energy Institute rules for vibration-induced fatigue assessment and advanced methods for detailed assessment of FIV and AIV


This is a theoretical course


Who should attend this course

These courses are introductory (entry level) no prior knowledge of FEA is required. The only prerequisite is general mechanical engineering background. 


What topics will be covered

  • Vibration Excitation in Piping Systems
  • Vibration-Induced Fatigue in Piping
  • Flow-Induced Vibration Excitation
  • Application of Energy Institute Rules to FIV
  • Advanced Assessment of FIV 
  • Acoustic-Induced Vibration Excitation
  • Application of Energy Institute Rules to AIV
  • Advanced Assessment of AIV 

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