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Training Course: Process Flowsheet Simulation using ChemCAD Software
General Scope:

The basic theoretical background to Process Flowsheet Simulation is covered. Training makes use of CHEMCAD Software. Some of the specific topics covered are outlined below.
Chempute Software will provide training venue, computers, training dongles, printed training notes, teas, lunches, course certificate. 3 CPD points are awarded according to the ECSA Continuing Professional Development program.

Process Fundamentals & CHEMCAD Basic Navigation

Process Modelling – Selection of Thermodynamic Methods
Guidance Note

Piping Systems
Solving Pipe & Header Networks using CHEMCAD
Sizing Tools-Pipes, Pumps, Meters & Valves

Distillation Columns in CHEMCAD Suite
Methods to Converge Reluctant Columns in CHEMCAD
Heterogeneous Azeotropic Distillation
Integrated Chemical Engineering Software – Ethanol Dehydration
Crude Oil Distillation

Heat Transfer
Process Modelling and Design of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Emergency Relief Systems
Relief & Blowdown in Multipurpose Batch Plant
Emergency Relief System Sizing Software – Methods & Practice
Relief Device Sizing Tool – Validation Cases

Dynamic Modelling
Process Modelling and Control of Batch Reactors in the Fine Chemicals Industry
Batch Reactors Thermal Design & Performance


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